Hi there! I’m Christopher the owner and founder of WBDC2014. Don’t ask me even I forgot what the abbreviation stands for. The important thing is that I’m happy that you decided to check out our construction related articles and guides.

I’m mainly blogging myself, but I have two friends who also work in the construction industry and so from time to time they will share their experiences, too.

If you ever feel like you want to write for WBDC then please email me at [email protected].

I’ll have a look if your suggestion is interesting and if yes then I will go ahead and give you green line so you can start writing. Once finished, send me the text and I will publish it on the site within 14 days. Please understand that we do not pay our writers for submitting articles, since the whole idea of this site is to create a community of like minded people in the construction and DIY field. As always in life – it’s giving and taking.